Al Gore is Full of Carbon Gas

Al Gore has been discredited, especially since his carbon footprint was found too big for his mouth.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Audi’s Eco Fascism Ads

By Kurt Nimmo,
February 8, 2010

featured stories   Audis Eco Fascism Ads
scott brown     featured stories   Audis Eco Fascism Ads

Incandescent light bulbs, plastic bags, orange peels, Styrofoam coffee cups, Jacuzzi hot tubs — these are crimes against the environment, according to automaker Audi. On Sunday, during the Super Bowl gladiatorial event, Audi ran a series of ads depicting an eco Gestapo cracking down on citizens engaged in serious crimes against the environment.

One of the ads depicts a police checkpoint where the Fourth Amendment is wantonly violated. In the recent past, such illegal checkpoints were used to find drunk drivers. In Al Gore’s Brave New World, they will be used to search for criminals drinking out of plastic bottles.

The “lighthearted” ads are designed to send a strong message — there are green crimes and it is acceptable for government to respond in police state fashion.

Governments around the world have already established Green Cops. In the UK, the Green Gestapo have the authority to call on the Environmental Agency’s national network of hundreds of pollution inspectors. New York City’s Department of Environmental Conservation has a team of twenty officers called the “Green Police” and they have the authority to enforce environmental regulations and issue citations to environmental violators. For instance, the Green Police have the authority to pull over vehicles that are not complying with emission standards.

At first glance it appears Audi is merely cashing in on the eco frenzy to sell its low emission automobiles. The larger agenda is to get the plebs accustomed to the idea that their lifestyles are crimes against the earth and in response government must tax, fine, and even arrest violators. It is part of a propaganda effort to soften citizens up to a global carbon tax and fascist police state methods in order to enforce the a new green orthodoxy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

WeAreChange Holland Builds Snowmen For Al Gore

January 12, 2010

The big snowmen for Al Gore action has begun. The plan is that we all massively start making snowmen with signs that contain text related to ‘Global Warming.’ Everything is allowed, as long as it has to do with snow, Al Gore, the IPCC or other stuff that has to do with ‘Global Warming.’

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Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Over, Al Gore

Abandon your lucrative carbon-scheming, admit there was never a ‘consensus,’ and give back the Nobel Peace Prize.

Aaron Dykes,
December 3, 2009

featured stories   Its Over, Al Gore.Al Gore has just cancelled a high-profile appearance at the upcoming Copenhagen climate change conference only days after ‘ClimateGate’ revelations cast doubt on the legitimacy of the scientific ‘consensus’ ("hiding the decline" is not scientific in any respect). Just days ago, CRU director Phil Jones stepped down from his position at East Anglia University.

Further, Gore has been confronted by We Are Change and other groups at book signing events everywhere he goes– and apparently his only response to charges of fraud is to unleash his goons to drag out dissenters. Sounds like Eco-fascism to me. It’s easy to reach consensus when opponents are barred from the conversation (see video below).

The would-be ‘EcoProphet’ and media-darling Al Gore has been thoroughly discredited– along with the science-imposters of the highly-politicized IPCC — and now he is being prominently challenged by rising opposition to the Copenhagen carbon agenda. Lord Monckton has even called for Gore’s arrest.

Gore also apparently made a fool of himself during an appearance with Conan O’Brien a few days ago, as he tried to push an impractical subterranean geothermal solution. Countless papers across the country have ridiculed his appearance, including headlines such as "Just How Stupid is Al Gore, Anyway?" in the, The Hill’s "Earth to Al Gore" and "Gore Pushes ‘Global Warming Scam’" in the Sioux City Journal.

Even the left-leaning Jon Stewart jabbed at "Poor Al Gore" on the popular Daily Show, mocking that "global warming [has been] debunked via the Internet YOU invented."

Former Vice President Al Gore– after decades of trying to censor free speech in rock music, pretending to invent the Internet and making phony promises that NAFTA ‘is good for America’– has been revealed not to be a friend of the earth, but, cynically, to be on schedule to become the ‘First Carbon Billionaire’ via his Goldman Sachs-partnered carbon trading empire (including Generation Investment Management, LLP and other firms).

featured stories   Its Over, Al Gore.Al Gore, it’s time to abandon your lucrative carbon-scheming, admit there was never a scientific ‘consensus’ and give back the Nobel Peace Prize, too.

Personally, I say you can keep the Oscar, as ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is a veritable masterpiece in propaganda, though clearly the title and thrust of the film is almost completely deceptive. Your accolades can’t shake off the fact that the link to hurricanes & dead polar bears is false or that C02 levels follow temperature rises, not the other way around.

Arrogantly, you have refused to acknowledge the impact of the sun and volcanoes on earth’s climate– proverbial white elephant(s) that outmatch man-made anything in magnitudes unscalable by even the heights of human greed and consumption.

We have seen you throw fits in Congressional committee hearings on "Climate Change" and witnessed your infantile "heavy breathing" over the microphone when points of opposition were raised by Congressmen such as Rep. Scalise. Heavy breathing and indignant sighs were the tactics you used in the face of adversity in the early 1990s when you debated Ross Perot on NAFTA.

Al, you have had the audacity to challenge the very existence of your critics. You acted in concert with the IPCC, who readily booted out any and all of its scientific dissenters while you denied that any credible sources (including some 31,000 scientists and academics) disagreed with anthropogenic global warming. When ‘warming’ didn’t work, you took part in re-branding the effort as "climate change."

So please Gore, just stop. The debate is over, when it comes to your legitimacy in the public forum. Even the corporate-controlled media can no longer ignore the scale of your deception. In earlier days of American history, you would likely have been tarred-and-feathered.

You should have left the scene after leaving office as Vice President. Now the world knows you are a treasonous fraud working to enrich yourself, undermine U.S. sovereignty, bind the peoples of the world under outrageous cap & trade regulations and pursue "global governance."

If you now find that you have egg on your face, your tail between your legs or the smug smell of B.S. on your breath, it is because free humanity can see that the Eco-Emperor has no clothes (like a few other leaders I can think of). Canceling your events and running for cover was the right move. America has every right to regard you as an enemy.

Just don’t stop running, or history may recognize you for the villain you are. Like a snake-oil charlatan from a Mark Twain novel, it’s time to skip town before the townspeople catch up to you. The best advice I can offer is to recognize when you are beat, and get the hell out of Dodge.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Photos of Protest Against Al Gore in Florida

November 15, 2009

An Infowars reader sent the following photographs of the protest against global warming scammer and opportunist Al Gore in Florida. As usual, the corporate media under-reported the number of protesters.

While Al Gore spewed his Global Warming lies in an outdoor arena we did our best to chant and educate on the TRUTH about the global warming scam! We could be heard during his lecture… and we just kept getting louder. Sufice to say I bet he’ll never do a lecture in an outdoor venue again! Also there was not 1,000 people in attendance – no way more like half of that!